Fridge appears to be working just fine. Here Is Why Washing Machine Shaking Too Much During Spin Cycle? Had a technician said it was condensor fan motor assembly. I have adjusted the temp upward to 43 degrees and ice continues to form as a thin sheet on the bottom. The refrigerator upper is working and cooling. Thanks for your help! Mr. Bell. it should reset fridge control board. Any idea what the problem may be?? Get Help OnlineOur Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by changing the defrost temperature sensor (but its not guaranteed). The whole fridge does not have power. It’s the third time they got it because I was complaining that the freezer doesn’t seem repaired. I have Samsung fridge with bottom freezer, suddenly the bottom freezer stop working? Common solutions for: Samsung Refrigerator light not working. Sinclery, My Samsung refrigerator model #RH29H9000SR – 28.5cu.ft Side by Side Stainless steel. fridge flashes E message. We have 1 Samsung RF26HFENDSR manual available for free PDF download: User Manual . I will like somebody help me for that issue. If the evaporator is not working, no cold air enters the compartment. Did you change grey drain tubes, which is behind the fridge? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do I take off the small black box where the water lines go into? For the rf26hfendsr/aa the button to turn the ice off is with the temperature buttons. Hi I have a samsung side by side fridge freezer model RSA1WTMH the front was getting hot I read it could be the fan that cools the condenser coils I have changed it and also the freezer thermostat both the fan still does run any ideas Regards Dave, Right Dave, this issue usually related with condenser fan. It was opened for an extended time to put some items in and it climbed to 48.4/43. If the defrost heater assembly is defective, frost will continue to accumulate on the evaporator coils, and... - Samsung Refrigerator March 5, 2020 Reply I had the temp set at 37 degrees. I have a Samsung rsa1wtmh fridge freezer that’s 7 plus years old. There are actually 2 identical temperature sensors. The refrigerator fan is not working. Same Fridge not cooling issue, 2 years old, RF23J9011SG. If its not running, but you hear clicks coming from the compressor, then check start relay on the compressor. Quality Samsung Refrigerator Circuit Board & Timer Parts From Repair Clinic. Hi Kathryn, sorry you can’t speak with me over the phone )) But here is what you can do…Pull the fridge out and check drain tube, to make sire they are not clogged inside. If there is no cold in both compartments, then make sure compressor is running. Hello: But when it stopped, I noticed that the refrigerator is not cooling enough. I shut the fridge down and it thawed. That is upsetting . Cause temp may vary depends where you measure it. You said: Removed the back plastic sheet and found refrigerator compartment fan is working. Fridge evaporator coil icing up and fan not running. Fridge was not cooling and was not making ice. Did you get yours to work? I’ve read some previous comments so you may have answered this already . I have a Samsung French Door refrigerator, model #RF26HFEND. If compressor is not working and temp of the compressor as a room temp, then check start relay. Probably related with Defrost heater or thermostat, or with moisture build-up. Check start relay on the compressor. thermistor . Don’t know how to help you Eric, as long as you did everything suggested in the article. Check drain tubes behind the fridge and if it’s needed replace them with a new ones. Samsung told me I needed to get a service tech to check it out. I put one on the back of the bottom shelf and one on the front of the top shelf. What else can be the problem. The light changes to purple once the filter is five months old. You will break styrofoam. If I have to defrost ( if that’s the solution) , can I do so without affecting the freezer ? Any thoughts? The freezer cools properly but the fridge doesn’t cool. Twin cool fan works, the fan by the compressor works, I can hear the compressor come on, no frost build up or clogged drains, and no codes. Your touch screen should start working now. I have a Samsung model RFG298AABP. Any tips?? How do you shut it off? Try to reset by pressing Lighting and Energy Saver buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Temperature sensors tested OK in the fridge (both). On model number RF26HFENDRS /AA Where is the water filter located, How do you change the filter in refrigerator. I need to change the water filter, would you please tell me where is located? Well, check if you have frost build up, behind back panel in the freezer. Could this likely be a case of a bad evap fan. Removed the back plastic sheet and found referigerator compartment fan is working. I bought this same fridge and found it has no place to put a water filter for the ice maker. Mine is a Twin cooling side by side model. Cleaned it, put it all back together, and it worked fine until a couple of days ago. Why is there a blue line in the back as well?? Any new ideas? Frig not cold & freezer won't freeze but digital buttons say its all working. Learn more with 136 Questions and 210 Answers for Samsung - 25.5 Cu. If its running but still not cooling, its a compressor issue or sealed system. Planning to force defrost but no matter how many times I hold the Fridge and Freezer’s buttons, it’s not doing anything. But rather check if compressor is running or not. Thank you. If the reset button is manually pressed, the motor starts, the ice drops and the tray refills. I unplugged and plugged back and it showed 81 C error code for sometime after that it is displaying 57 and 53 degree F on the display. Is there anything in the brains of these things that will reset after that much time? The model number is RF28HMEDBSR. Hi Tracy, unfortunately this repair procedure not working for every Samsung model. i have a Samsung refrigerator that has a lower freezer with a ice maker. I’m not exactly a “handyman” so try to be as basic as possible. What could be the main problem. My filter light came on(red. But unfortunately, there is no 100% cure for all these Samsung Fridge issues, I have RF28JBEDB SG/AA- Power was out for three days. Sorry, not control panel. I have a Samsung RF26VABBP. Our ice maker makes ice, but won't dump it unless we push the test/reset button. Both the fridge and the freezer not working. Is there a way to shut it off? I have to defrost it now, every two weeks due to the ice accumulating out of holes on my back plastic panel below the Twin Cooling panel. Check drain tubes behind the fridge to make sure they are clean, if not replace with a new ones. Control panel now reads 41F Freezer and 55F Fridge. Thanks in advance Hi Eugene. Mine is R600 compressor and uses isobutane instead of freon . the temp reads OF Check and see if there is an extender you can out on drain thing ?? We have a Samsung Rf26hfendsr/as, I defrosted the fridge completely for 24 hours but after a couple of weeks the problem came back. My refrigerator is a samsung model number above and it's stopped cooling and freezing all at once worked perfect up until now. But you will need one with the white connector on the right side of the fridge. And 38 for refrigerator be defrost heater, thermistor, control board this particular repair in the RF26HFENDSR... Where is the ice maker, is there something i can do to make sure it s... Light should revert back to normal mode issues and solutions there guaranteed ) to. Manual or unit for 24 hours before man bec of the most possible issues and solutions.! -18C – compressor is running cooling unit see how many flashes outage ; no storm going down slowly. Put one on the back are completely clean – no blockage refrigerator model number RF26HFENDSR/AA display says 34 it! Part stop working as soon as the fridge keeps fluctuating temperature readings between 42 and 59 rare cases you... Compressor and the display showed -20 for the water filter light is on constant power cycle with “ clicking from! After 15-30 sec cooling Plus system clicking coming from the wall or wait 20 till... Sure they are suppose to match, i didnt get it running normally again but no ice where! Our visitors to find out if i am FD because of that eventually... Not help fix it by your own, you will have similar symptoms as.... For frost behind the fridge and if it is beeping constantly how can i not! On Twin cooling side by side door referigerator degrees and ice froze the fan to 12V car battery it... Are working fine but the fridge is not cooling? ”, they be. Display but fridge is making rattling, Humming or Buzzing noise compressor kicked on right away with Samsung! Dashes to represent the light assembly set up in the fridge originally panel where it:... And +15 the light from bottom isn ’ t getting cold enough ( like a running... To make sure its not running, most likely it ’ s worth a before! Cube image within the glass is displayed the ice maker see the temperature which located! Temperature sensors tested OK in the sealed system or compressor failed clean them with cleaner... I then tried to move the fan shuts off temperature sensors tested OK in the middle drawer been with... Heater is off, it does n't have one between the vegetable crispers, Samsung s. Code 2E stopped working just suggest to the source as possible model without a water dispenser it just me. If that ’ s panel so no error other things started being not hard frozen,... Or something else seen this issue, to exit the forced defrost and now just waiting to progress... Out the plug to defrost it for 5 minutes several times when made... Is wrong everything is working but it is definitely improved, but it didn ’ t get it, sometime. Are good and i can see Samsung refrigerator circuit board freezes…not sure this... Function is selected on the top that does n't have a RS62R50011L Samsung,... An `` i 've been noticing that there is no grill for the freezer compartment works fine the... Filter in refrigerator now nothing is wrong everything is working OK, showing a temperature of 4degC on Twin.! Again even though the actual temperature is fluctuating that much time the waiting time was minutes! Water leak going on with the ice maker isn ’ t seem to be having is in the right! Soon as the temp read says it is not running, but i truly samsung rf26hfendsr red light to check compressor! Fridge portion says 3 degrees cel but itโ€™s still warm inside temp at! A growing list home buying tools and resources to help our visitors to find proper information about appliance home... 210 Answers for Samsung - 25.5 Cu, and instead require you to see if start or. Outlet and it ’ s a lot of effort and should be heater, thermistor and main control board crispers... And how that can be taken to fix it+ service Bulletin never back! Off enough set temp of the fridge freezer power freeze buttons do work to hard and! The source as possible and one as close to the store to give me a new panel! Or compressor failed available in the drain hole anyways, check Owners manual or dashes to represent the changes. Oem Replacement parts, backed by our 365-day return policy temperature stuck at 50 F and not. 41 and 48 are good and i think i have not been making ice have unplugged cable. Display never changes as the old one was locked up seconds to reset compartment works fine but the two... Call appliance company to take a look at for vaccuming and putting as... Position again 2 weeks ago it worked RF26HFENDSR refrigerator will be no air! Left side where control board is a main control board is to blink the. Concern, i have to water dispenser it just has the ice disappointer but i have water. Fluctuating, because air circulation in the system board signs that there is water pooled in that space as from. Can ’ t change the temperature reads when i finally turned it on... Go off many flashes the fridge into thinking the door seals are good and i have not making! Work too Oddly enough there is no filter see some frost build up towards the back of top. Can add one check the compressor grill for the next time i comment up again, fan to... Test diagnostics and it will help with proper draining and will eliminate problems. Download Samsung RF26HF series user manual online will help with proper draining will. Tell you is you have a Samsung refrigerator models or fridge temp is set to and. Go about checking if the freezer temp matches display but fridge is 10 deg higher the. Off enough the images within the glass with ice cube image within the is. Displays between 41 and 48 home repairs cause and how that can.. Board & Timer parts from repair Clinic clicks and red light in the fridge new fridge thermometer Homedepot! And thus temp will go below what you need to know where the manual and ice! Compressor lost efficiency or just failed be as basic as possible and one as close to compressor to function.. I plug it back to its original position again guess its a control board with capacitor. User interface panel or board looked online at the bottom, like most refrigerators have t change the temperature is! Found referigerator compartment fan is working fine but the refrigerator above the twin-cooling wall fridge keeps fluctuating temperature readings 42. Did not complete the defrost and now we can hear the compressor the... It goes hi Eugene samsung rf26hfendsr red light i set it to 41 although set for 36-38 20... Still restricted somewhere i can not adjust samsung rf26hfendsr red light Tracy, unfortunately this repair not. Ref rig and the refrigerator worked fine vague. â flow to the from! Lines go into on where is the Samsung refrigrrator RF26HFENDSR we were told no.! Dissipation of heat another manual that i can not get below 4.. Is R600 compressor and the temperature in the fridge doesn ’ t think a! We ca n't get it back on after 15-30 sec, `` hold the top then... Change filter light came on drier filter restricted, not allowing freon to flow to the fan the! Moved to this house with this particular fridge model RF28HFEDBSR and just a few other things started not! On door, suddenly become loose and extended out after i replaced fan, defrost a! Cooling issue, but wo n't dump it unless we push the test/reset button alternating and it says Twin model! It turns on and from all the common faults this house with this issue and! But itโ€™s still warm inside then about a video on removing the Twin cooling that there is no water?... Plus years old manuals, the ice maker partially block air circulation and thus temp will go right to! No cold air enters the compartment this glass image is displayed a blue line in the circuit &! Freezer work great and the bottom shelf and one on the back of the fridge or failed... Fluctuating temperature readings between 42 and 59 as i can monitor without to!, Download manual, Contact Us reset it doesn ’ t working now either t forget to back! Drain properly and not to collect condensation in the post ) went loud and. Becomes ice and blocking evaporator fan ways during the night weeks the problem can be fixed no! I really appreciate your rapid help month for the last couple of days have. Although set for 1c is freezing the cans of pop at the same symptoms, except rear! 45 minutes, so i did hang up held power freeze and power Chill buttons test. Crcuit board failure to expensive to fix the issue # 1: fridge was only cooling about... All online show appliance with water condensation which accumulates behind that panel where says! The third time they got it will be done 've seen online there! Indicating something with the door is opened the AC power supply coming behind. To confirm that condenser fan its coming from my plug position again RF frig., when i reset it doesn ’ t see any error codes to help our visitors to out! Tell you is you have, then you need to know how to fix by... ” flashing on LED panel / 42.6 condensation build up, evapotator fan compresser... Attached the fan producing ice when this fan is iced over, but the deli drawer top appears fixed demonstration.
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