9H full color nano glass flexible glass screen protector

Auto repair film huawei p30
April 12, 2019
PLA Uv Curing Film
April 17, 2023

The traditional screen printing glass is printing ink to the surface of the glass,and then use the ink curing measures,makes the design firm and durable.But after long time use will cause rub off color problems,our screen printing glass is printing the color or picture under the glass surface,won't cause rub off problems

Flexible glass screen protector, with the appearance and touch of glass, adopts the material of 0.3mm thickness imported from America, can achieve the hardness of 9H anti-scratch, the surface adopts oil-repellent coating, up to 92% clarity, and has a good softness of 3D covering the curved part without warping, so as to achieve a perfect fit

structure: 9H ultra anti-scretch tempered glass bottom joint,full adsorption of silica gel.perfectly covering,no broken in the egde

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