Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass Film

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
February 26, 2017
3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Film
February 24, 2017

Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass Film


3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Film

  • Anti Blue Ray protects your eyes from radiation of blue ray which is harmful to your sight. According to research, blue ray harm human eyes a lot, it will be safer with this protector around if you use cell phone a lot.
  • 9H strong hardness, anti-shattering, featuring maximum protection from high impact drops, scratches, scrapes, and bumps.
  • Ultra slim thickness with 90% luminousness, ultra clear visibility and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and greasy residue from fingerprints.

Product Specifications

Product Anti Blue Ray
Tempered Glass Film
Thickness 0.455mm
Surface Hardness 9H
Light Transmittance 90%
Water droplet angle 105°
Selling Point Anti-blue
Customer Reviews YES


Video about Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass

Anti Blue Ray Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Raw Material:

Made with high quality 0.3mm thick premium tempered glass

Anti-blue light:

Reduce blue light cut 93% (380nm to 780nm) to protect our eyes, especially children's eyes, and feel comfortable while viewing the screen for a long time.

Ultra Smooth:

High-quality tempered glass gives you maximum image clarity and remarkable touch sensitivity.

Clean And Simple:

Its oil-resistant coating repels natural skin oils making Glass simple to keep clean and looking great.

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