Quickly Anto Repair Screen Protector

Auto-Repair Pet Screen Protector
Auto-Repair Pet Screen Protector
October 26, 2016
Anti-Shock Screen Protector
Screen Protector Anti Shock
October 26, 2016

Quickly Anto Repair Screen Protector

Anti-Shock Screen Protector

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Anto Repair Screen Protector

  • 3D CURVED DESIGN: The curved design allows the screen protector and the device screen be fitted completely.
  • Advance metrials: Use imported TPU material with super toughness, can be bent, Prevent of pen, keys and other tools scratches.
  • ULTRA HD CLEAR: High degree of transparency reached 98%, Effective anti-fingerprint.
  • Perfect fit: It can be the perfect fit, can 360-degree protection of your mobile phone
  • Our Advantage: EHANG Quickly-Repair Screen Protector, 3D full cover, anti-shock, can protect your phone comprehensive, all models can be customized.

Product Specifications

Light transmittance 90%
Total thickness 0.320mm
Use layer thickness 0.150mm
Pencil Hardness: 3H
Raw material TPU
Advantage Auto repair

Perfect Fit

The edge-to-edge design protects the phone completely 360°, fits snugly and does not wrap.

Super Tough

Using imported TPU materials, we have developed a screen protector with excellent toughness that can be bent to prevent scratching of tools such as pens and keys.


When you start using your phone, it is difficult to find a protective film on the screen surface, because this ultra-thin transparent only 0.15mm is applied to the screen, the transparency is 98%, and it is almost invisible, restore the screen color, and effectively prevent fingerprints.

anto repair screen protector

Our team developed a scratch resistant, scratch resistant to a variety of sharp objects and automatically repaired in a matter of hours.

Packaging Accessories

EHANG screen protector, all models can be customized.