AR/ AG Screen Protector

Full Body Screen Protectors for iPhone 7
March 2, 2017
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Nano Anti Shock Screen Protector
February 28, 2017

AR/ AG Screen Protector


AR/ AG Screen Protector

  • 0.15mm AR Screen Protector: FULL BODY Coverage TPU, the material is elastic it has "self-healing" abilities.
    For example, lighter scratches usually leave just a small dent in the soft plastic, which slowly returns to normal.
  • 0.2mm AG Screen Protector:Made from superior quality multi-layer film engineered to reduce glare and resist fingerprints/smudges.Effectively prevent myopia, ocular damage, visual fatigue, melanin, Insomnia, and Dry Eye
  • 360° Full coverage protects your screen from daily scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of wear

Product Specifications

Product 0.15mm AR
Screen Protector
0.2mm AG Screen
Thickness 0.15mm 0.23mm
Surface Hardness ≤2H ≤2H
Light Transmittance 90% 82%
Selling Point Self-Healing Anti
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Check out our latest release full body PLUS film

0.15mm Auto-Repair Full Body Screen Protector

Raw Material:

TPU flexible material

Perfect Fit:

It can be the perfect fit, can 360-degree protection of your mobile phone

Feature Of Product:

Special Technology, Highlight style, silky smooth feel,Self-healing capabilities, in case of multiple scratches,also still can repair original quickly


Ultra hd clear,high degree of transparency reached 98%,effective anti-fingerprint

Full Body Design:

360 °complete coverage, Automatic repair, High viscous

0.2mm Anti-glare Full Body Screen Protector

Raw Material:

Imported Japan TPU


Use imported TPU material with super toughness, can be bent,Prevent of pen, keys and other tools scratches.

Perfect Fit:

High viscous, 100% perfect fit. Front+Back film can cover the whole screen edge and back.

Feature Of Product:

Made from superior quality multi-layer film engineered to reduce glare and resist fingerprints/smudges.

Why choose us ?

The daily average of 80000 pcs production capacity, delivery guarantee. Thousand grade of dust-free workshop, assure production quality.