0.32mm AR Anti Shock Screen Protector

9H Anti Shock Screen protector
February 28, 2017
Tempered Glass Screen Protector
February 26, 2017

0.32mm AR Anti Shock Screen Protector


3D Full Cover Tempered Glass Film

  • 0.32mm Auto-repair, 5H anti-scratch, anti-shock,waterproof,anti-static, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint, oleophobic, anti-broken.
  • Golden Auto-repair anti shock film is through patected nanotechnology processing,smooth and delicate,leave no trace absorbed the impact magnetron sputtering technique
  • Anti shock test: steel balls 100g , height:70cm/80cm (passed)

Product Specifications

Product 0.32mm AR Anti
Screen Protector
Thickness 0.32
Surface Hardness 2H
Light Transmittance 89%
Selling Point Auto-repair
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0.32mm Auto-repair Anti Shock Screen Protector

Raw Material:


Easy To Install

Use Korean glue, the screen protective film can be easily installed

Product Designa:

smooth touch, anti-oil and water. the surface is through patented nanotechnology processing, smooth and delicate, leave no trace

Product Feature:

Pioneering auto-recover function, fast auto recover, no distortion, stretching resistance, folding endurance

Auto-repair function

Why choose us ?

High-end materials are imported from USA and Japan. We passed ISO9001:2008 system certification which issued by TUV Rheinland.