9H Molecular Flexible Glass Screen Protector

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9H 0.33 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
May 21, 2019
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March 15, 2019

9H Molecular Flexible Glass Screen Protector

9H 3D Molecular Flexible Glass Screen Protector Wholesale

9H 3D Molecular Flexible Glass Screen Protector Wholesale

Anti Explosion Molecular Glass Screen Protector

  • 9H flexible tempered glass film has a glass-like touch and smooth hand feel. After two strong hardening treatment of molecular glass, 3D covering the edge of the mobile phone, seamless bonding process, no gaps left, after special processing, automatic absorption and exhaust, easy bonding.
  • 9H hardness and high efficiency scratch prevention, oil repellent coating on the surface, antifouling and waterproof, easy to clean, up to 92% clarity

Product Specifications

Product Molecular Glass Screen Protector
Thickness 0.3mm
Surface Hardness 9H
Light Transmittance 92%
Selling Point Ultrathin Fast / Contact Reaction / 3D Cover Edge / 9H Hardness / Full Screen / Oleophobic Hydrophobic / High Transmittance / Flexible Glass / Anti Explosion/ Anti-Broken / Anti-Scratch / Easy To Stick / Safety Glass / OEM Service
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Touch Smooth

The flexible tempered glass film,oil - and water-repellent coating, smooth surface

Explosion-proof and scratch-proof

It can prevent the broken and scattered glass panel caused by the accidental impact of mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of glass panel, and ensure the safety of users.At the same time to prevent accidental scratch, affect the appearance of the phone.

Lonely and bent, very soft

Flexible glass is no longer a rigid piece, when the flexible glass 180 bending, careful observation, can be found slight filamentous crack

3D edge

The 3D arc edge tempered glass film integrates with the mobile phone screen to the maximum extent.Make the edge has a certain radian, feel more smooth

Exhaust quick and easy to stick

When you put the molecular glass gently on the phone screen, it automatically absorbs and exhausts air, making it easy to fit

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