PLA High Transparent UV Curing Film for iPhone 14 13 Pro Biodegradable Material

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June 1, 2023
Wholesale D30 buffer Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro
April 14, 2023

PLA High Transparent UV Curing Film for iPhone 14 13 Pro Biodegradable Material

PLA Film(8)

PLA Film(8)

PLA Film(10) PLA Film(10)
PLA Film(12) PLA Film(12)
PLA Film(4) PLA Film(4)
PLA Film(1) PLA Film(1)
PLA Film(8) PLA Film(8)

Whatis PLA?

  • PLA is Polylactic acid, which is a bio- plastic and thermoplastic made from natural materials, like corn starch.
  • PLA has similar characterstics to PP,PE or PS,as well as being BIODEGRADEABLE.
  • It is useful for producing lose-ill packaging,compost bag, food packaging and disposable tableware.

What is D30 Buffer ?

D30 Buffer material is a substance formed by the combination of viscose and a polymer. Under normal conditions, the gel remains loose and soft.But when it is hit by an impact, the ultra-high-pressure-resistant smart molecules will quickly tighten, A protective layer is formed to slow down the damage to the mobile phone from external shocks

PLA Uv Curing Film

The product needs to be used in conjunction with the cutting machine and UV curing equipment


Product layered introduction, specific structure, please contact us, For more information click to view the video

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Visible and Available Test

We have always been obsessed with improving the explosion-proof and safety of our products. We have passed thousands of tests and tried different materials just to create a strong explosion-proof effect.

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