Galaxy S8 / S8+ Screen Protector

Samsumg Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case
Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case
May 11, 2017
Silk Print Screen Protector
March 2, 2017

Galaxy S8 / S8+ Screen Protector


Galaxy S8 / S8+ Full Body Screen Protector

  • TPU material, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact; The tech material is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not yellow
  • Ultra HD Clear and amazingly thin, perfectly matches the contours of your device.
  • Premium grade Shockproof Material with scratch resistant surface, will prevent ANY shock/harms to the screen.
  • Easy application with flexible material is designed for maximum full coverage on curved corners and edges on your device.

Product Specifications

Product 0.1mm Full Body
Screen Protector
0.2mm Full Body
Screen Protector
0.15mm 3D
Smooth Screen Protector
Thickness 0.100mm 0.230mm 0.150mm
Surface Hardness ≤1H ≤2H 1H
Light Transmittance 90% 89% 91%
Selling Point Ultra-thin 360° full coverage 3D
full cover
Customer Reviews YES YES YES


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0.1mm/0.2mm Full Body Screen Protector

Perfect Fit:

3d curved design, the curved design allows the screen protector and the device screen be fitted completely.

EHANG is the first to come up with the concept of full body

Raw Material:

Use imported TPU material with super toughness, can be bent,Prevent of pen, keys and other tools scratches.

3D Curved Design:

Perfect fit the edge with no warping colloid has better flexibility and high accurancy and viscosity.with our mould can fully cover your screen.

Perfect Fit:

360-degree protection of your mobile phone.High degree of transparency reached 90%, Effective anti-fingerprint.


High viscous,360 °complete coverage Can cover the whole screen/edge and back

0.15mm 3D Smooth Screen Protector

Raw Material:Impored Japan TPU

Super toughness, 0.15mm super thin hand feeling,with no influence of touch,bring you the best smooth experience.

Smooth Touch:

high light transmittance,oleophobic and lyophobic,It can be the perfect fit.