Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case

red phone case and explosion proof screen protector
Red Phone Case and Anti Shock Screen Protector Suit
January 18, 2018
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March 2, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case

Samsumg Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case

Samsumg Galaxy S8 TPU Phone Case

Anti-shock case Anti-shock case

Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti Shock Phone Case used TPU material with airbag more than Anti shock
  • The anti-fingerprint oil makes s8 s8+ surface very smooth, except the BESTSUIT film, no others can perfectly to paste well.

Product Specifications

Product 0.2mm TPU
Screen Protector
Product Anti Shock
Thickness 0.150mm Crash impact 100N
Surface Hardness 1H Material TPU
Light Transmittance 91% Airbag With
Selling Point 3D Light Transmittance 91%
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TPU phone case and screen protector

The real 360 protection

Case and screen guard, soft and tough, anti-glare and anti-shock, protect your phone and your eyes.

Moulded by real phone:

No matter the case or screen guard, we mould it by real phone. After over 15 times test and checking, we reduce the error to 0.

With Airbag Better to Anti shock

a.It’s of TPU material which is with excellent momentum rebound performance.

b. Four air-bag design. There are four airbag on four corners of case, and that can reduce around 100N crash impact. With it, the phone is still safe even droping from 1.5M height.

Better to Anti slip

Curved screen design of Samsung S8, smoother but easier to slip down. After anti-slip process, and with only 7.21cm size, it’s good at touching and holding, better to prevent slide.

Protection for Camera and Button

1mm distance between screen, camera and contact surface, prevent them from scratch. Convex groove on both sides can effectively keep the button safe.

Flexible & Abrasion resistant

Using the imported optical material, it's high in transparency and scratch resistance. The light transmission is more than 98%, flexible and abrasion resistant. In the scratch test, after 3000 times rub by brass wires, the shell is still smooth and clear without any damage. No matter 180°bending or twisting, there is no break or any crease.

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EHAGN is inventor of Full body Screen Protector. Good looking and easy to paste, full covered protect all the way. Picture can be specially designed, please contact us about details.