Colorful privacy screen protector

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February 29, 2024

Colorful privacy screen protector



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colorful colorful
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colorful colorful
colorful colorful

Colorful privacy screen protector

  • Colorful screen protectors can display a variety of bright, vivid colors, making the phone screen more attractive.
  • Colorful screen protectors often have anti-peep features, allowing only users directly in front of the screen to see the content clearly, protecting privacy.
  • Colorful screen protectors typically have excellent scratch and wear resistance, effectively protecting the phone screen from scratches.
  • Despite having colors, colorful screen protectors maintain high-definition transparency, not affecting the screen display.
  • Colorful screen protectors are usually easy to install and clean, keeping the screen clear and clean.

Product Specifications

Product Colorful privacy screen protector
Thickness 0.3mm
Material tempered glass
Light Transmittance 98%
Selling Point shock absorption / anti shock / Antimicrobial / Full Cover / Smooth / Unbreakable / high quality / oem service
Customer Reviews YES

What is colorful privacy screen protector?

With a variety of colors available, you can choose a screen protector that matches your personal style or complements your device's color scheme.Have anti-glare properties, reducing reflections and making it easier to view the screen in bright environments.

Principle of colorful screen protector

The coatings or materials of the colorful screen protector can reflect or refract light of specific wavelengths, causing them to appear as different colors to the human eye. This effect is similar to how a rainbow is formed.

colorful screen protector Structure Stratification

Product layered introduction, specific structure, please contact us, For more information click to view the video

The Best Screen Protector So Far

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Super Explosion-Proof Performance

The film surface has strong impact resistance and cushioning properties protect the phone without breaking the screen.

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