Wholesale D30 buffer Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

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April 17, 2023
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April 12, 2023

Wholesale D30 buffer Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro



D30 buffer film D30 buffer film
D30 buffer screen protector D30 buffer screen protector
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d3o-phone-screen-protector-5 d3o-phone-screen-protector-5
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D30 Buffer Non-Newtonian Fluid Screen Protector

  • You get a transparent, smooth surface without the fragility of glass, safer screen protector
  • With automatic repair function, daily scratches can be healed with in a certain period of time
  • D30 Buffer® material is a substance formed by the combination of viscose and a polymer
  • D30 Buffer® contains anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms
  • It becomes easier to install D30 Buffer® by using our applicator, so you get perfect alignment the first time

Product Specifications

Product Molecular Glass Screen Protector
Thickness 0.3mm
Surface Hardness 9H
Light Transmittance 92%
Selling Point Ultrathin Fast / Contact Reaction / 3D Cover Edge / 9H Hardness / Full Screen / Oleophobic Hydrophobic / High Transmittance / Flexible Glass / Anti Explosion/ Anti-Broken / Anti-Scratch / Easy To Stick / Safety Glass / OEM Service
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What is D30 Buffer ?

D30 Buffer material is a substance formed by the combination of viscose and a polymer. Under normal conditions, the gel remains loose and soft.But when it is hit by an impact, the ultra-high-pressure-resistant smart molecules will quickly tighten, A protective layer is formed to slow down the damage to the mobile phone from external shocks

Principle of D30 Buffer

When subjected to impact force, based on the particularity of the d30 material, the molecular structure will automatically polymerize to form a protective layer to receive external impact and resist damage

D30 Buffer Structure Stratification

Product layered introduction, specific structure, please contact us, For more information click to view the video

The Best Screen Protector So Far

Collection of many advantages, Affordable, Very suitable for agency, And has an anti-microbial effect

Super Explosion-Proof Performance

The film surface has strong impact resistance and cushioning properties protect the phone without breaking the screen.

Visible and Available Test

We have always been obsessed with improving the explosion-proof and safety of our products. We have passed thousands of tests and tried different materials just to create a strong explosion-proof effect.

Why choose us ?

In this brand effect society, the quality and service of brand is admirable, We always believe that quality can convince everything, hope fully to become your trustworthy OEM screen protector company in Guangzhou, We promise to be your honest dealer.


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