Millet folding phone will break the rules again, the folding screen mobile phone price will be half of Samsung Fold, aiming at 6714 yuan

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According to news, Samsung and Huawei have launched the long-awaited folding screen smartphone on this year's MWC2019. Although the technology industry has different opinions on the folding method, one issue that the two sides are concerned about is the price point.

According to foreign media iGyaan reports, some sources said that Millet is ready to break the rules again.

Not long ago, Millet co-founder and president, Lin Bin has already released the video of his own foldable screen mobile phone on Weibo, headlines and other platforms. The folding of Samsung and Huawei has been sold at a high price, so everyone is curious about how Millet will price.

Recently, iGyaan reported the latest supply chain news. According to the website, Millet supply chain investors revealed to them: Xiaomi will launch its own foldable screen mobile phone at a price of 999 knives (about 6,714 yuan). Of course, this phone will also enter Europe and India, the price is 999 euros (about 7592 yuan) and 74,999 rupees (about 7267 yuan). In comparison, Samsung's 1999 knife and Huawei's 2,600 knives, Millet is half cheaper.

At the same time, the investor also revealed that the mobile phone will be held in China for the launch of the conference, the date is scheduled for April-June. It will be available for sale in other countries and regions later. Configuration, the aircraft will be equipped with Xiaolong 855. It is reported that, unlike the single folding design of the soft-soft soft, Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen mobile phone, this millet folding screen mobile phone adopts the industry's rare double folding design, specifically the symmetric double outer folding, which is It is also the world's first double-folding mobile phone. According to the official introduction, this millet folding screen mobile phone overcomes many technical problems such as flexible folding screen, four-wheel drive folding shaft, flexible cover and MIUI adaptation. The $999 folding screen phone not only changes the rules of the game, but also plays a key role in mainstreaming the folding form factor..

Nowadays, more and more technology manufacturers are looking for breakthroughs in their next generation comprehensive screens. They are no longer the rhythm of follow-up apples. Apple's design has become boring and mediocre. Now Millet has displayed this generation of folding screen millet. Indeed, it also verified the promise of Millet founder Lei Jun, Millet will be a high-end mobile phone in the future, and this folding screen of Millet may become an appetizer. .

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