Nano Screen Protector That Remembers The Curvature Of Mobile Phone, Try Learn??

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January 18, 2018
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nano shape memory film

nano shape memory film

More and more curved cell phones come out, both the edge of the firm paste, but also to ensure the touch screen, the life of the tempered glass film can’t be done. So this time the soft tpu film became the legendary "hero of the world" came out to rescue the field. So what exactly is this tpu?

A while ago very hot, (famous brand response out of search popularity is very high), a lot of businesses go forward, but this is not as simple as we think, especially for companies that don’t have research and development, it’s hard to make a near-perfect product, and merchants use some alternative methods, such as water spray install, due to the inherent properties of tpu materials, this is completely unnecessary. At the moment, I want to introduce a product. So now recommend an upgraded version film, Nano Shape Memory Full Body Film.

This is a Japanese imported nano material, which is made up of TPU as the base material. It has super-stretchability and retractability. The world's leading high-temperature and high-pressure technology synthetic polymer memory film perfectly solves the problems that can not be solved by many industries such as lifting, rebounding and white edge, and has better fitting performance. Nano screen protector.

This nano shape memory screen protector guarantees that the phone surface radians are perfectly attached to the edge, not rebounded, more resilient, and can be adapted to all kinds of curved screens. For Samsung S10e, Huawei mate 20 and other large curved screens, they can all fit 360 to the edges. Surface using ion spray technology, effective hydrophobic oil-proof, more durable. HD transparent effective fingerprint prevention, you also a clean screen. A nano screen protector with a high-density molecular structure that records the curvature of each cell phone as a spring

After continuous improvement, the adsorption technology of the nano screen protector is improved, the real machine opens the mold and the hole position is more accurate, which makes the nano shape memory film more perfectly fit on the surface of the mobile phone and can protect the mobile phone screen perfectly. Ehang has some common tools for sticking film, such as rags, alcohol cotton, auxiliary stickers and hard cards for blowing off bubbles, which can basically help users to apply the film themselves, making it more convenient to use. Even the new hands can also install film, not too high requirements.

In general, Ehang nano screen protector is undoubtedly the biggest advantage in the worldundefineds leading high temperature and high pressure technology. HD, tactile sensitivity is really good to use, not only feel good, but also a very good protection of mobile phones, perfect stop arc screen white edge and warp, is now on the market for many curved screen cell phone savior.

Mobile phone LCD screen’s size it’s bigger and bigger, have been for sometimes, big size screen into a better experience has brought the hardware guarantee. (mainly to play the game more convenient and interesting)

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